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3 Ways Smart Hotels use Snapchat to Drive Sales

After reading this blog, you will want to add another wean to your social media armory – Snapchat. It is an attractive alternative for millennials who prefer to stay clear of facebook, which they see as increasingly infiltrated by adults. If your prospective guests are on this medium, then why not you? Let me answer a question I get asked repeatedly.

Is Snapchat really for hotels?

If your brand values the youth market, then yes. The service is now getting more than 6 billion views per day. Hotels should look at unique ways to position themselves to their guests – and Snapchat is the most viable among them.

#SnapHacks for your hotel

1. Use Geofilter campaigns

Geofilters let users add a fun illustration or overlay – specific to where they are by neighborhood, city or even store. Starwood Hotels and Resorts was the first hotel brand to take advantage of geofilter campaigns. It worked together with Snapchat’s creative team to create fun filters, all of which had the W Hotel logo.


Users were able to access the filter at W properties for 3 months, whether they stayed there or simply grabbed a drink.

Use geofilters for your own hotel too. With the help of on-demand geofilters, you can do location specific marketing which is great for your hotel. Every guest wants to brag about where they are vacationing – create filters to promote spa, golf, pool or any other recreational facilities that your hotel provides.

2. Tell a story

Cohesive stories are a favourite among users on the platform. Take the organic approach to Snapchat by using it purely as a tool to connect with your guests. Your social media staff can feature behind the scenes content – such as chefs in the kitchen, patrons participating in Yoga for International Yoga Day, or In fact, why not have other employees trained on how to use the platform and let them tell stories? Incorporate the fun tools like emojis and speed-up filters.


Hilton made its debut on Snapchat in February this year, offering fans a behind the scenes sneak peek of the concert at its property in San Diego.

Spontaneity is good, and you should make use of it lest your entire hotel’s liveliness is sucked by the hotel next door.

3. Stay influential!

In my opinion the attraction for hotels is the takeover feature, where influencers jump into your account make stories for your followers to hear about. It’s a lot of fun and is rewarding for both the collaborators.
Marriott has led the way in partnering with influencers. It chose key influencers who travelled key Marriott properties worldwide and documented their journeys on Snapchat. Having such people take over and promote your hotel is great way to your marketing strategy.


One person’s holiday photo is another guest’s inspiration. Travellers turn to social media in their search for the next travel destination. But fear not. You can create a presence on Snapchat without big budget campaigns. Online visual storytelling is an art of a lifetime. I give simple examples to illustrate how easy it is to implement in this episode of the #AskAviArya show –

Check it out and share your views in the comments below.