Are you Rocking On these 4 Social Media Sites?

If you clicked on this article thinking I’ll tell you to make a Facebook page, boy you’re wrong!
That’s something I would have told you in 2010.

But it’s almost 2017 now, and it’s time you optimize your social media strategy accordingly.

Social media marketing has matured over the past few years, with hotels now spending big amount in $ on sites like Facebook and Instagram. And why not? More than 90% of travellers say that they trust word of mouth as an indication of a hotel’s reputation.

But don’t get lost in the maze of social media sites. There are lots, and no two of them are created equal. I will take you through 5 most important of those –

1. Facebook

The first one is a no brainer, ain’t it? Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild has changed the social networking landscape network for life. Your hotel’s page has become an extension of the website and is visible to millions of people around the world. In an age when travellers use Facebook photos for holiday planning, every ‘like’ matters.

  • Customize your audience – If you haven’t done paid advertising on facebook, you are lagging my friend. I see no reason why you shouldn’t spend a few extra dollars to reach your audience. With customizable target audience, you get good bang for your buck.1
  • Use rich media – Create an experience that guests want to engage in. It’s time to get creative! Jazz up your posts with bright imagery as well as video clips and upload them directly to the news feed.
  • Enable ratings and reviews – I’m a big fan of the ratings section. What’s more authentic for prospective guests than reviews on a social media site? Make sure you keep responding to the reviews. You can even add a MakeMyTrip tab on your property’s page, with the option of displaying reviews, ratings, photos, etc.

2. Twitter

Twitter’s future may be uncertain as of now, but the 140 characters message can make a difference to your hotel’s online presence.

Each platform serves a different purpose. You cannot utilize it the same way as Facebook or Instagram. But it’s a brilliant way to start real-time buzz.

Little trivia – When Kate Middleton was staying at the Goring Hotel before her marriage to Prince William, ‘Goring Hotel’ became a trending topic and related tweets were seen by over a million people in just a few hours.

If done right, Twitter is a great platform to propagate your hotel’s message and serve as a PR tool.

Use it to leave a positive, lasting impression on the audience, quite like your concierge does with the guests.


3. Instagram

A favourite of mine, Instagram is a fabulous way to visually showcase your property. It is nothing short of revolutionary. If your hotel wants to target millennials, then you HAVE TO be on Instagram. Along with Pinterest, it is going to be the visual search engine of the future. But most importantly, it’s a platform that will let you tell your story. There are a whole lot of tips to optimize this medium.

Check out this post, where I talk about some Instagram practices that will help you increase revenue – http://blog.askaviarya.com/7-instagram-practices-that-drive-more-bookings/

4. Pinterest

Why does Pinterest deserve your attention? The platform has carved out a niche for itself. It is immensely popular with women, and a vast majority of the content is lifestyle based. That is why I think Pinterest has an opportunity to be written all over it for hotels.

It has proven to be a great generator of direct website traffic, especially for lifestyle content. Another great argument to invest in high quality photos!

Four Seasons saw a 1000% year-on-year increase in its daily average visitors to its website from Pinterest, since it started curating travel, food, and luxury lifestyle to inspire guests.

Let Pinterest act as a destination concierge – think travel bucket lists, must see places, hidden gems from the locale, etc. Transform your profile to a virtual destination concierge.


Being on the social media is no longer a choice for hoteliers today. Make sure to not just create a profile on these platforms, but also to optimize them to drive revenue. I’ll cover more platforms like Snapchat and YouTube in my next blog, till then share this article with somebody who you feel needs it.

Here is the link to another video series that will help you stay ahead of the game –