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Boost occupancy of your hotel and heighten customer loyalty

When it comes to boosting hotel occupancy, we have tried almost everything to get more guests and attract a wider clientele. Some of us, though, forget to use the most sure shot way of boosting occupancy: building customer loyalty. Returning customers are the spokesperson of your brand. It means they liked your hotel and services, and will spread only good word of mouth. Retain them! Here are a few pointers on how to:p>

  • Reservation procedures can be the boring bit. Make sure you have all required info in hand to ensure a speedy check-in for your clients. Their rooms too should be ready to receive them.
  • Offer personalized touches to their rooms to create a sort of emotional connection with them. Remember what they liked the first time, and if required create a sort of database of what they liked and what they didn’t. Your staff may need to be retrained in order to make this tip successful.
  • Now, in this day and age of can’t-do-without-internet, it seems funny if you don’t offer free Wi-Fi. But that’s not where it ends, don’t offer an Internet connectivity that barely works, your guests are not stupid. Offer them the good stuff, and watch their loyalty grow.
  • Always call up and ask for feedback, after a guest leaves. Don’t wait for negative reviews to call them and apologize. If you know a staff messed up, call and apologize and offer something for free. It could be a lunch, or even their next stay.

Try these out, and let me know if they worked out for you. Some may take time to show results, but then again, better late than never. Any feedback, you know where to mail me.