Characteristics That Make Independent Hotels Perform Better Than Chains

While reading a hospitality magazine, I came across an article focused on stating chains better than independent hotels. But in my view, a boutique or an independent hotel has better chances of achieving success than hotels that belong to a chain. Today when the evolving hospitality industry is giving equal opportunities to properties of all types and sizes, independent hotels aren’t just a place to stay but a luxury place to be. Where chains have a set pattern of services to follow, independent hotels are open to try new things to outperforming chain hotels in results.

There are several other advantages of independent hotels over chains that struck my mind immediately while reading the magazine’s article. I travel many places to attend digital marketing events, and I have used many independent hotels’ services and found them better than luxury chains. Here are some unbeaten characteristics of independent hotels that I believe provide these properties a unique selling point and an edge over franchise or chain hotel:

Unique, Creative Services  

Unlike a multinational chain hotel that offers predictable hospitality services, an independent hotel can provide me new facilities every time you visit it. Through fashionable designs and new décor, independent hotels can offer a unique experience to the guests. Not just in-room amenities, independent and boutique hotels can make changes in other services too to enhance the guests’ accommodation experience. In this way, a hotel becomes more than just a place to stay.

Personalized Service

Instead of standardized services, independent hotels can shift focus to making necessary changes in services to provide memorable experience to guests. Hospitality services that go beyond standard facilities are rare in many hotels, but they are also an opportunity to stand apart from competitors. Many travelers can be lured online by telling them that the hotel is offering services they want to avail. In addition, quality of services can be improved after every suggestion by a guest. Hospitality services can be tailored and updated in independent hotels to make them guest-friendly and revenue making tricks.

Creativity in Accommodation    

Hotels belonging to international chain hotels may have luxury in-room amenities, but then standardization comes again. They are bound to provide standard services with little room to be creative to enhance guest experience. On the other side, managers of independent hotels can let their creativity run in all directions to present guests something unique and creative. They can make changes in room facilities and services or add new items in hotel rooms. To add new guest-friendly in-room services, independent hotels can take help from people over social media or various other Internet platforms. It not just provides a hotel new idea to go creative, but will also promote it.

More Time To Focus On One Property    

Hotels of a chain can be spread across various cities in the country or in different nations. Although every hotel will have a manager, it is very difficult to make changes that could lure guests and provide them unique experience. Plus if changes are made in one hotel, others will have to adopt those changes too. On the other side, managers of independent hotels have to focus only on one property. When they have enough time, it can be invested in planning how to stay ahead of competitors. Owners of independent hotels can explore more and make even small changes that could make the hotel stand apart from others.

Ability To Make Quick Decisions       

Chains contain a layered hierarchy in management. When it is about making a crucial decision, there is a time-consuming process to be followed. Plus, a long time is needed to decide on proposals and their execution. On the other hand, independent hotels can make quick decisions. If a plan is not working, independent hotel owners can shift to plan B quickly.

These are some of the unique characteristics of independent hotels that provide them edge over chains. By making luxury services more interesting at affordable prices, small or independent hotels are not just capable of giving tough competition to renowned chains, but can take a step forward from them.

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