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In conversation with Lucas Mattiello – What’s your take on being confident?

What’s your take on being confident? And how important is it to you?

Today we discuss the same with Lucas Mattiello who is a founder of Level Up Living and the official TEDx speaking coach.

Let’s find out a bit about his journey of being a confident speaker and entrepreneur.

Lucas tells us how he realised he was going through anxiety and decided to see a therapist. It was indeed a struggle but through various stress management techniques and also by talking about his experience through blogs.

So how did you land your first client? How did it all started? A woman from Victoria on LinkedIn approached me and we had a Skype call. After that I started doing various workshops, almost every two months.

Does being a confident speaker require a lot of practice? It’s not about years but rather more about inner confidence and years of experience. Lucas says –

The hardest person to sell on your abilities is yourself. The real obstacle is not being bought into your own programme.

In the end Lucas shares how the idea of helping myself was his driving force and turning what he went through into a positive experience. You can reach Lucas at or at Confident Communication for Entrepreneur on YouTube.