How Hoteliers Can Capitalize on Valentine’s Day and Make Their Hotel A Romantic Destination?

While shopping in a mall, I observed romance-themed shops and movie areas. As the romantically-charged Valentine’s Day is coming closer, many people from various industries are trying to lure customers and boost their business. The occasion not just gives an excuse to couples to have a romantic day full of smiles, but also serves an opportunity for hoteliers to take an inventive approach and boost the hotel’s bottom line.

I notice that many hoteliers, even today, follow traditional promotional approaches to capitalize on Valentine’s Day. Plus, there are some too who have a hunch that treating couples on this occasion is all about giving their heart-shaped foods or goofy complimentary gifts. Although these traditional things have been playing their part well since a long time, there’s so much hoteliers can try to make Valentine’s Day an intimate celebration for their guests.

I believe a hotel should see Valentine’s Day as an occasion to give unforgettable romantic experience to their guests as well as to imply clever strategies to increase its revenue. When romantic getaway is clubbed with attractive hotel packages and memories creating mesmerizing experience can do wonders for guests as well as a hotel. Inventive strategies may increase chances of a guest visiting the same hotel next year’s Valentine’s Day too, or using the hotel’s services during holidays throughout the year.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Take it as a fantastic opportunity to broaden your hotel promotions in unique, creative way. I belong to a family that has years of experience in hotel industry. In addition, I have worked on various digital marketing campaigns to successfully promote my family business at a time when there were active social media, and travel websites like TripAdvisor. From my experience in the industry, I am sharing some ideas that work really well for hotel during occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Irresistible Hot Deals: Discounted Packages, Romance-inspired Themes         

Your unique strategies should go beyond heart-shaped balloons, cakes and décor. As most travelers today choose online booking facility to make their stay pleasant and hassle-free, you should lure them with irresistible deals, instead of discounts. To make this hotel deal romantic for Valentine’s Day and set perfect tone for the occasion, offer special deals for couples or Valentine’s Day combo offers. Guests can also be enticed through complimentary goodies while making their final hotel booking.

Offer Extra: Special Menu, Complimentary Wine   

Even an exotic holiday trip is incomplete without a romantic dinner. Apart from romance-themed décor, there should be a generous sprinkling of sweetness in the menu. It would be a great idea to give extra to guests with traditional food items. There can be unusual venues for private dining where couples can have a romantic dine experience. It can be complimentary special wine, customized accessories or personalized in-room amenities.

Use Social Media: Reach Right Customers, Showcase Special Valentine’s Day Offers

Social media is one of the most effective and budget-friendly medium to reach more people in less time. But you cannot just throw some pictures or post an article over the Internet, waiting for online users to notice it. Online posts reaching the right audience work wonders for a hotel owner. To turn social media into a fruitful source, you can start online campaign highlighting your hotel’s Valentine’s Day offers and deals. In addition to sharing right content, it is necessary to start promoting it few days prior to the occasion. You can also ask your followers to share their Valentine’s Day ideas to share conversations with them, and lure them with your offers.

Showcase Your Valentine’s Day Spirit: Customize Your Hotel’s Web Layout & Content  

To make guests feel comfortable while making online booking, it is important to speak to them in heartfelt way. You can use the hotel’s official website to demonstrate your Valentine’s Day spirit. You can customize the hotel logo, add romantic graphics on homepage and represent the content in sentimental manner. Apart from couples, ensure that you are able to grab attention of travelers visiting the place with friends or families; after all, Valentine’s Day is for all.

Spare those traditional teddy-bear strategies, and try something unique to turn your guests’ Valentine’s vision into a reality. Believe, you will not just give an extra-ordinary experience to your guests, but may make them your regular customers.

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