The Ask Avi Arya Show

In conversation with Calvin Wayman

Calvin Wayman, author, keynote speaker, founder and CEO of Cobbes Media also known on social media by Curious with Calvin Wayman joins me in an exciting conversation about his journey from social media to being a successful entrepreneur.

His journey started through an app called Periscope (a live streaming app). He used the app everyday and did live streaming of his life. He loved the change that Facebook live brought out later and then he just knew that he likes social media.

But what sets him apart from most people?

He doesn’t do Facebook ads, he creates his own organic content that gives people a story and is extremely necessary for any page. Calvin says that things can’t be done fast you need patience. But he did share one of his ways, which is called a Pucathon – a process where you sit for 48 hours without your cellphone and just curate your ideas. He wrote his book ‘Fish Out of Water’ within a month and a half with this process.

What to actually do when you’re feeling low or discouraged?

Shift your perspective and write down things you’re grateful for. Create a ‘things to do’ list and honour the negative things instead of ignoring them or stopping them.

Calvin says – Always have faith and trust in yourself.