In conversation with Samir Kuckreja

Samir Kuckreja, Founder and CEO of Tasanaya Hospitality Pvt Ltd. joins me for an interesting take on how the hospitality industry and restaurants can become more tech savvy. We also talk about their presence on various social media platforms.

He puts forward valuable and quantitative points as to how to properly optimize the costs and be patient when it comes to marketing a new restaurant. We discussed an important question everyone would be interested in – If you are a young entrepreneur who is passionate about opening a new food outlet in your hotel, what should be your main focus?

Samir suggests to focus on the basics and start with tech at the back-end for optimizing cost, menu analysis, staff productivity and various other aspects. Marketing your product on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn is also an essential part of the whole process. Zomato is one of the most successful platforms to start with when it comes to the food outlets even for the hotel industry.

Learn more about the technological aspects and new advertising trends for entrepreneurs in this episode.

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