It’s 2018: Things To Add In Your Hotel’s Social Media Strategy

The world welcomed 2018 a few weeks ago with huge cheers, dazzling fireworks and lots of positive thoughts. With the arrival of a New Year, people start making New Year’s Resolutions for their personal life. Some of these are finished, while the others are forgotten. I have figured out my goals for 2018 and started making efforts to accomplish them on time.

Not just personal life, there should be New Year’s Resolutions for professional life as well. Although some days of 2018 have passed, it’s never too late to set business goals. For hoteliers, New Year is the perfect time to look forward and create plans to make improvements in hotel services. It’s the time when New Year holiday season is over and hotels get a chance to make impressive marketing strategies to boost revenue.

In last few years, marketing trends in hospitality industry have changed a lot. Digital marketing has provided revolutionary innovative strategies that hotels of all sizes can use to boost their brand presence and revenue as well. Marketing through social media has become a vital part of a hotel’s promotion plans. Today, it is not limited to just posting packages or room rates. It is more focused on what online travelers wish to see in a hotel and what are their expectations from hoteliers. Through posts, reviews, comments and many other useful social media features have been making a hotel’s social media campaign successful and revenue-generating method.

Here, I am sharing some social media strategies that I have analyzed and found them useful to be used in 2018 to promote a hotel online:

Include New Platforms To Reach More People

Undoubtedly, popular social media websites are powerful and easy online platforms to launch a campaign and reach a wide range of audience. But all hoteliers are using these sites to boost their brands, and 2018 is the time to explore more and gain attention of modern audience. In addition to traditional social sites, you can add messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram in your social media strategy of this year to utilize their personalized experience and reach more audience.

Post Fresh Content In Unique Way

You must identify your audience and social media platform you can use to reach it. Once you are done with this, your next objective should be creating a precise buzz online. Use the art of storytelling to engage people and get tremendous value. Apart from posting content with eye-appealing graphics, you can gain guests’ trust by having a conversation with them. Interact with your audience, reply to their comments and ask them interesting questions.

Invest In Video Content To Gain Attention

With the increase in internet speed in last few years, popularity of video content has also skyrocketed. While YouTube is still the most-effective social media video platform to reach millions through your videos, there are also some other platforms too that are becoming famous over the internet. Through Facebook’s Facebook Live feature, Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories, you can reach new age audience in an interesting manner. While using these video sharing platforms, make sure that you are providing your hotel’s official website link where users can make bookings.

Stay Active And Post Consistent Updates

Hospitality industry has guests of different age groups, and all of them aren’t active on social media all the time. Your hotel’s media strategy must be scheduled right. It not just creates a loyal fan base, but paints a truthful image of your hotel. Make a social media calendar and maintain it. Schedule your posts and ensure that they have been posted at the right time when most of your followers are using the Internet.

Set Budget For Paid Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing isn’t just about posting text, photos and videos on different sites. You can start paid campaigns on different social media channels to get more exciting returns. Before planning a social media strategy, set a budget aside for these campaigns.

Even if some weeks of 2018 have passed, the remaining months are enough to change lots of things, especially when it’s about social media marketing of your hotel. New social media platforms will keep on emerging, so you should stay updated with them and learn how to utilize their features to gain more exposure. Even if you are using strategies different from those mentioned above, make sure that your guests are center of your social media marketing. Instead of selling your services to them, give them experience.

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