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OTA Profile Improvement Guide: Effective Ideas to Gain More Exposure

It is common knowledge that a hotel may be lagging behind in competition if it’s unable to sell accommodation and hospitality services online. Today, big chains as well as independent hotels are enjoying the increased reservation flow through different online channels. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are a powerful online marketing approach to sell hotel rooms or reach a wider market, but it can also be taxing when a hotel owner doesn’t get the desired results. A major reason behind this stressful scenario could be missing important points in your OTA profile.

OTA profile is a proven marketing approach that helps a hotel in getting easy accommodation bookings. To ensure that fruitful results can be reaped, it is necessary for a hotel to optimize its OTA profile. An improved profile can improve OTA performance and bring increased number of bookings for a hotel. In addition, OTA improvement is also necessary because lots of travelers get helpful reviews, attractive deals and more accommodation-related services through these OTAs.

How to improve an OTA profile? Here are some quick and effective ideas:

Attention to Profile: Ensure that it’s Complete

For a potential guest, a small missing piece of hotel information on the OTA profile can be a deal breaker. It is essential for a hotel owner to ensure that everything that may help develop a guest’s trust is added in the hotel’s profile. Plus, there should be a link directing guests towards the hotel’s official website. This action will not only make the guests believe in the hotel’s authenticity, but can also lead to an immediate room booking.

Attention to Content: Add Clear and Striking Words  

When it is about online marketing, content is the prospective guest’s window to your property. Clear and professionally written OTA content can be a major attention-grabber. In addition to a complete profile, you must add high-quality photos, videos and details on the amenities offered. A good impression can be made on guests by listing modern amenities like free high speed Wi-Fi and environment-friendly services.

Attention to Restrictions: Fewer Restrictions, Easier Reservations

A guest is impressed with a hotel when its booking services are flexible. In addition, the services should be for long term and must have positive impact on online users. If the hotel is making changes in its policies, they should be permanent. Plus, if the changes are on test run, the test period should be at least for one week.

Attention to Promotional Deals: Lucrative Last-Minute Deals

Lots of travelers explore the internet a lot in search of money-saving last-minute deals. These travelers can be turned into potential customers by offering them exciting last-minute offers on accommodation services. Hotel owners must provide their accommodation booking facilities even for last-minute bookings. Apart from that, there could be promotional schemes and price cut to grab attention of travelers. Instead of daily offers, these promotions can be for weeks or months, and should offer special packages at exciting prices.

Attention to Online Campaigns: Pay-per-Click And Reviews

Paid online marketing campaigns don’t guarantee a hundred percent strike rate to success and increased traffic on official website as well as room occupancy, but these can bring the attention of a guest looking for options during their travel. A hotel owner should keep a close eye on online marketing approaches being followed to increase online exposure.

Online reviews and guest responses also make a huge difference in hotel occupancy. Positive reviews can bring more potential guests to a hotel, while negative responses can lead to downfall in online bookings. Although guest reviews cannot be controlled, OTA ranking can be improved by responding to a review in an effective manner.

Attention to Search Engine Optimization: Use the Right Practices      

Similar to search engines like Google, most of the OTAs make use of different algorithms and tools to rank a hotel. To stay on top and enhance the value of the property, attention should be paid to use the correct SEO practices and track changes that they bring. Considering their performance, future SEO strategies can be planned to get more beneficial results.

Attention to Connect with OTA Managers: Work Closely with Them   

OTA managers are experienced individuals in the sector, and can help a hotel in maintaining its profile and enhance performance. Regular touch with these professionals can help understand marketing trends and learn how to use them.

OTAs can be a valuable asset in reaching more people, who further could be turned into potential customers with some change in OTA profile. After making necessary changes, a hotel owner should analyze their effects and decide whether to continue with them or modify them further.

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