How to build your personal brand by micro-videos?


The first step is to make valuable content around your niche and send them to prospects to build authority. After sending those value-packed videos, send them a short 3 mins introductory video in which you introduce yourself and services provided by you. 

Finally, when the iron is hot send them a personalized pitch video, addressing them about their pain points and how you can solve them asking them to book a 15 min video appointment with a CTA at the end.

This particular activity increases conversions and decreases your cost of customer acquisition and you also have more time to spend with your family. Voila!

This above formula I kept repeating for all my prospects and this changed everything in my business.

After 5 years I was already dominating my micro niche in the country and had more than 300 hotels with us. The team has grown from 4 to over 70 members to now over 200 members who serve more than 700 hotels…

Small Business Solution

However, something was lacking!

What was that?

One day as I was going through the videos of top digital marketers in the world, I gave it a  thought as to why not take their advice. This was a turning point!

I decided to meet top industry experts in the world and used the same video formulae to fix up meetings with them, that is when I met with many of the fellow internet moguls.

Now when I said it was a turning point, what made me said that?

Everyone reading this knows Gary Vaynerchuk. I am following him since he used to make videos for wine library Tv, he used to get crazy when tasting wine and after a few years, he started talking about branding and social media.

He inspired me to become a speaker, as I used to watch his videos to get motivated to go to work and cycle is never ending..

Now why would Gary meet someone like me( as a fan)?

But I was determined, so I made a video on “how much love Gary and his Content meant to me” and sent it to him as DMs on different platforms, I also sent the video to his team by email and finally, after two months, I got a reply.


Gary invited me to meet him personally in New York at Vayner Media (his company) office.

 video marketing strategy
Meeting With Gary

After meeting him, my belief in micro videos became stronger. 

The next incident will give you goosebumps and will make you believe in the power of micro videos.

My cute little daughter Raya, 13 years old influencer sent a micro video to “Grant Cardone” asking for a small appointment and a big surprise was when we got an invitation from Grant for 30 mins over zoom call.

The mind-boggling idea of my daughter!

Like father, like daughter…

In fact, I would say she is way ahead of my time. Now, consider this if a 13 years old girl can get a reply from a businessman and influencer like Grant Cardone whose net worth is 300 million USD by just a micro video then pretty much anything can be achieved using these golden nuggets.

I am happy to report that we did a zoom call on 17th July 2019 and soon it will be released on our YouTube channel as well.

So who can get benefits from the blueprint that I have created?

Of course you!


Read the following pointers to get clarity about who can be coachable :

  1. Those who want to build their personal brand and create an impact on social media.
  2. Those who to get rid of the fear in front of a camera with time and show their brilliance in the world.
  3. Those who want to take the first step towards their dream client, dream company or dream business they want to build.
  4. The most vital reason is to do brand positioning in the market and how with the help of videos it can get sales and business( The exercise alone transforms any business in no time).

Who is Avi Arya?

My achievements and struggles(I just love talking about these)?

How did I come up with the concept of micro videos?

You must be wondering, Who am I? 

Even if it’s a No, still I would like to give you a walkthrough of my life journey.

Let’s get started.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you all for making up to this line. Haha! Just kidding!

Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to give you a brief introduction about myself.

I just love telling about myself not because I love doing what I am doing but because it helps so many people out, those who really want to achieve something greater in their lives.

It all started when I was 19-year-old, I was struggling with obesity( hell no! I wanted to look smarter!) and I used to stammer.

All I wanted was to be a streetcar racer, however suddenly my dad, a small hotelier at that time called me up to his hotel office and I was astonished to see all the landline phones were off the hooks.

“What was the problem? They are never off the hooks?” 

I wondered.

“You have two choices! Either join my business from tomorrow or get out of the house!”

Bussines Ideas - MVM

The second option came as a bolt of lightening to me, my ego was hurt and I hurried out of the room. I came to know that my dad’s business is fantastic but what should be my responsibility now?

There was only one thing going on over my mind was how to bring more foreign guests to my hotel. 

The Internet was a new thing in the market then. Since it was new, it was expected to be expensive.

After a few weeks, I saw an advertisement in the newspaper for cyber cafe partners, so I applied for the same.

I had access to the internet for 24 hours but it was the slowest I can ever imagine.

I created my handle as “AskAviArya” which you can find on all social media platforms and started looking for answers for “how to get more foreign guests at my hotel?”

“Create a website!”

Finally, I got my website done and it took another 6 months to do our hotel’s website.

But guess what?

The impact was ZERO!

I put a toll-free number, query form and what not!!

But here was a twist now. I started sending replies through videos to my foreign guests and voila!!

It actually worked!!

People started visiting our hotel and paying us in foreign currencies.

It took my dad 20 long years to build one hotel and we build 4 more with the help of the internet. This is how videos help me build multiple hotels and helped me become a hero in my dad’s eyes.

Why Micro videos?

People do  business with whom they trust.

You want to tell your story? – create a video

You want to introduce yourself ? – create a video

You want people to trust you? – create a video

Now, why should I be taking out my phone, open a front camera and create a video?

The answer is simple! If you want to establish your personal brand and with social media, you need to have videos in place as it can literally reach thousands and millions of people. You become the storyteller and the world becomes your audience. Isn’t that amazing?

What they will get in MVM program, like modules and live call and all