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This is what Independent hotels are doing wrong with their revenue management

Got an independent hotel, and are looking to expand in to a chain of successful hotels? As far as revenue management is concerned, there might be a few things that you are overlooking, and those very things might hinder your progress in achieving your dreams. Here looking at a few of them, and here’s hoping you can achieve what you set out to do after you follow them:

  • Social Media: Let me dispel a myth for you. Social Media is not just for the kiddies and it’s not just facebook and twitter. The power of social media can be harnessed by independent hotels on a much greater level, since they are still in the nascent stage. Just highlight all your strong points.
  • Website: Invest in your own website. You gotta make sure it’s easy to navigate, and people can find exactly what they are looking for within a couple of minutes.
  • TGive more value: It’s a price sensitive market currently with your competition rising by the day. The one thing that can make your hotel stand out is if you give more value for the same amount of money that others are charging. Just offer a free breakfast or a half hour spa session.

Once you are through with these points, give me a call or send a mail and we can sit and discuss all the matters that might help out further.