Why millions are hooked to videos?

It is appalling to see how hoteliers are yet to exploit the full potential of videos! Such a powerful medium, capable of evoking a strong emotional response, and yet you don’t care about them.

Videos influence millennials in their travel journey. If you haven’t considered its potential yet, now’s the time!

It’s also fair to say that the traditional travel videos will soon be obsolete. People no longer want to see sweeping panoramas of your hotel’s amenities. Where’s your story in that?

Take them on a journey that taps into the emotions they want to feel when they travel. Show them the experiences that they’ll be able to create, and share.

Choose your platform

Different platforms reach different audiences, and need different types of video. Have a clear strategy in mind before starting out.


Here’s an interesting fact: 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every single day. What kinds of videos actually gain traction?

Facebook stresses on keeping brand name and logo in the first few seconds. So even if the visitors don’t watch the full video, they’ll still be exposed to product imagery. If there is spoken content, make sure there are subtitles. The video plays automatically as the users scroll past it, so initial seconds are vital.

#AskAviArya tip – Videos on facebook are set to mute as default, so they should make sense even if the sound remains off. Make sure they have strong visual content.


Or you can use subtitles, like Hotels.com did in its promotional video.


Instagram is more appropriate for showing spontaneous videos, as compared to branded content on Facebook. The videos can be 15 seconds long, with a range of hip filters at your disposal. It is also easy to create time lapse videos with their tool ‘Hyperlapse’.

It’s a great way to show stunning scenery or unique views of local destinations.

#AskAviArya tip – Use Instagram videos at an event that you host, like a party by the pool, or behind the scenes staff interviews.


Shangri-La experimented well with this concept, with a chef at their property in Hong Kong sharing his experience on cooking for the guests. It makes for a compelling story, created by their local staff.


It is the most raw and authentic platform for your videos. You can target the next generation travellers and partner with storytellers. Account takeover is the name of the game when it comes to Snapchat. Marriott has been the pioneer in this area. It co-created a series of videos with four influential personalities, forming immersive travel stories around its properties.


In the end, it comes down to having a clear understanding of your target audience and an awareness of the story that you want to tell. One thing’s for sure, new age travel videos have increased the potential to create intimate connections with your guests that resonate in a powerful way. There is no reason for you not to try implementing these strategies and emerge as winners.

Try it.

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