Yes, it’s possible – Get more than half the business from online leads!

I’ve one very strong belief – no matter the nature of your business, at least 50% of your business can come from online channels. I can understand the raised eyebrows – the most frequent question that I get asked is “Avi, what should I do to make that happen?” The remedy answer has remained the same: reputation management of your brand, online social media, web design, and a refined content marketing strategy. I will be unfolding the concepts of these subject matter and give live examples of success in my training course.

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Social media marketing

Whenever I mention social media to entrepreneurs, they immediately think of brand building and not sales.  No one actually buys a product because of an Instagram post, right?


The fact is that social media is not just a brilliant way to build brand awareness, but if done right it can provide valuable leads. The icing on the cake is that lead generation on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter is cost effective. It can reduce your marketing costs by around 50%, while increasing the revenue at the same time.

The first step is to pick the right channel. Facebook is the most obvious choice, but in the B2B sector 44% of marketers have generated leads through LinkedIn. 39% have done it through Facebook, and 30% with Twitter. Next, you can use the following tips to get more business.

  1. Contests

Contests are a big hit on social media. The focus is more on quantity rather than quality, but you can’t deny the attention that it gives your brand. It’s ideal to get a repository of emails.

  1. Convert SM page to a lead generation machine

If you want to turn your page from a branding tool to an online business generator, you have to stop focusing on just likes & followers and start making it a lead generation machine. Treating it like a website is a good idea.

Gold Gym’s Facebook page is a great example of leads focussed design. Every button and Call To Action like Sign Up and Find Your Gym serve the purpose of getting actual clients.

  1. Track mentions and tags

If you’re not doing this already, you are losing a lot of business. Listen to what people are saying about your company, especially on Twitter. Invest in some sort of social media monitoring tool that lets you monitor online conversions about your brand.

  1. Create events

Facebook events and tweet chats on Twitter are a creative way to generate leads. Just don’t miss out on including a relevant Call To Action. Topics can include anything related to your industry – if you are an hotelier you can host a tweet chat with your chef or sommelier answering the audiences’ queries in real time.

Reputation Management

If you think online reputation management is crucial only for e-commerce businesses, then you’re mistaken. It’s as important for brick and mortar stores, if not more. Always keep the following 2 principles in mind –

  1. Review your reviews strategy

With a simple Google search you can find what users are saying about your product or service.  Focus especially on the negative reviews. Respond directly and immediately to them. Acknowledge the problem and explain how you’ll improve the situation.

  1. Feedback mechanism

It’s also a great way to understand what processes can be improved, and how. Do you need to add more employees? Do you need to train them better?

Design your way to success

If you’ve been living under a rock, now is a good time to understand the value of (good) content and design on your website. No matter what the business model or channel, content is king. Designing a website which attracts leads like honey attracts bees is not too time consuming or expensive. Visitors on your website should clearly understand on the landing page why they should do business with you. Most likely, there are lots of competitors in your business and you’ve to differentiate yourself within seconds.

Mailchimp does a good job of it by highlighting the ease with which you can send mails through its service.

What are the reasons your clients should associate with you? Pinpoint the X factor and make it prominent.

A short headline goes a long way in creating a great first impression. Since there’s no way fixed formula, it’s important to experiment. Other techniques include placing a prominent Call To Action and a Chat Now button.

These methods are just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve a lot more wisdom to share in my training program. Sign up soon! Take the first step towards higher online sales here –

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