Hey Hoteliers, Are You Ready To Cater To the Millennials?

They are everywhere. Everyone is talking about them. Everyone is paying attention to them. Everyone accepts they are redefining success. They are Millennials, a generation of people whose numbers will soon surpass the population of baby boomers. Routinely, I meet many belonging to this generation and observe they are different from individuals from other generations. They are the most educated people on earth and always staring at their phone and have a self-centric attitude. We can learn several things from them.

Every generation wants special attention from hoteliers as their demands and requirements are different from each other. Baby boomers need comfortable in-room amenities, while millennials require quick services in every corner of the hotel. The millennial generation makes the most of technology, and its people want quick technical services even when they are on a leisure trip.

From my experience in the hospitality industry, I have learned that hoteliers need to make extra efforts to draw millennials to their hotels than any other generation. They are harder to impress than baby boomers and Generation X and Generation Z. A brand name doesn’t affect them, and even a small or independent hotel can turn them into loyal guests through quick modern services. They are living their life on the Internet, but they are impressed with a hotel’s services when they experience them in real. So, are your hotel’s current strategies enough to draw attention of millennials? Have you updated your hotel’s services to serve them to this segment of guests? Or you still have a hunch that every traveler is same, and can be impressed with traditional promotional tricks?

I have observed people of this generation and figured out what they expect from their hotel. If you believe millennials should be given extra attention to make them feel happy with your hotel’s services and turn them into loyal guests, here are some methods you can try to lure them:

Provide Them Advanced Technologies  

Millennials don’t just want free Wi-Fi, but they want it fast and strong. As they are using their digital devices all the time, they require charging points everywhere in the hotel. They look for accommodation in smart rooms. If someone is on business tour, they want business and conference facilities equipped with smart technologies. You can impress them by showing your hotel as an updated accommodation place that not just has luxury amenities, but smart facilities too.

Offer Them Complimentary Packages and Services

Every guest admires complementary services, whether it’s just a free drink or special package offers. Millennials want something that seem big and luxurious. You can make adjustments in your services and offer extra perks to guests from millennial generation. For example, you can present free spa facility with higher category room or costly services of your hotel. This ensures that you don’t have to suffer any loss, while guests can be drawn to your hotel.

Offer Them Experience, Rather Than Luxury

Guests belonging to other generations can be lured by showcasing luxury services of your hotel, but millennials should be targeted by offering them experience. Tell them about areas in or near your hotel where they can explore and gain experience. Offering adventurous experience can be the best method to win millennial guests.

Use Social Media To Grab Their Attention

Although people from other generations also spend hours daily on various social media platform, millennials use these websites for many purposes. They make the most of these platforms to understand more about the world. Even before booking a hotel, they explore about it on different social media websites and try to understand everything about it. Study social media and design a strategy that can engage millennials on your social media page. After that, you can lure them with offers and turn them into your guests.

Millennials may be hard to please. But if they are satisfied with your hotel’s services, they will be your long-term guests who are going to use your hospitality services for a long time, while promoting them free of cost. So plan a strategy centric around millennials and turn them into your loyal guests.

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