Hotelier Tips To Personalize Guest Experience

In today’s competitive world, businesses are required to make continuous efforts to ensure customers come back again. In last few years, I have noticed that hoteliers change hospitality services at regular intervals to give unique experience to guests every time they visit the hotel. But many independent hotels as well as chains ignore incredible benefits of personalizing services to enhance guest experience.

Today, travelers have lots of options for accommodation. Instead of just comfortable bedding and luxury in-room services, they seek experience. They expect hospitality services that could make them feel special about their stay. Personalized hospitality amenities go beyond luxury services that a hotel creates itself. Creating personal touch for enhanced guest experience not just helps in winning guest loyalty, but also makes them permanent guests of the hotel.

As the competition is increasing in hospitality industry where small as well as independent hotels are performing better than many big industry players, I believe personalizing guest experience is the only way to survive in the sector. But how hoteliers can enhance guest experience through personalized services?

Personalized guest experience is considered as a complicated process that require lots of efforts and funds from the hotel’s side, but there are several interesting and effective methods to serve guests memorable experience without spending much. It is essential to understand what guests expect from a hotel during their stay. Here are those ways to personalize guest experiences and ensure repeat hotel bookings as a result:

Handwritten Notes   

Earlier, I came across a guest review on a hotel where she had described about a handwritten note from the hotel staff where they apologized for poor Wi-Fi service for few hours and ensured uninterrupted Internet. Hotels can use handwritten notes to make guests feel special and tell them the hotel is dedicated to cater them. Handwritten notes can also be given to welcome the guests or when they leave the hotel as an invitation to return.

Special Foods   

Guests love food as much as they hate paying for services that are free in most of the hotels. Food is an easy way to win guests’ heart. There can be complementary foods or drinks provided to guests in their rooms. In addition to serving delicious dishes from the hotel menu, efforts can be made to cater special food requests of the guests.

Special In-room Amenities

Through small talks, staff members can try to recognize guests’ preferences or to know if they are planning to celebrate an event during their stay. Considering the situation, the staff can add more amenities in rooms without charging for them. The room can be decorated in a way that it could reflect guests’ taste.

Season-focused Experience

A hotel’s services can be customized considering the season. Extra facilities and amenities can be added to cater guests in a special way. Smart technologies can be used to simplify the check-in/check-out procedure. Through special services during off season, guests can be welcomed in a special way. After that, they can be given complimentary services without charging any amount from them.

Upgrade Guest Rooms

Special attention can be paid to upgrade guest rooms. In-room services can be personalized as per guests’ convenience. If guests ask for something not very costly, the service can be offered without charging any cost for it.

Hotel staff should be polite and always ready to cater guests. If guests are having an issue, it should be resolved as soon as possible. Hospitality services can be customized to ensure that guests get what they are expecting from the hotel. Sum of these personalized services can offer unusual and unexpected experience to guests, and work well for the hotel. The above-mentioned methods can be used to enhance guest experience without investing on them. In today’s technology-centric era, it is not difficult to personalize the guest experience. All that a hotel needs is paying attention to these small yet beneficial tricks.

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