A social media discussion with Chris Preston

Chris Preston, CEO and founder of Preston Media and Success Diaries joins me today for an interesting conversation about social media. We learn some expert tips to increase followers and engagement on Instagram.

Chris enlightens us about his own journey and how he has been able to acquire success on social media. He says first and foremost you focus on changing your profile picture and keeping it constant on all platforms. Next, setting a particular strategy and using a similar font and color in the posts will create personal branding and your account will be recognized anywhere. Not being random in your posts makes a lot of difference. For personal branding, one should also try taking more interviews and videos.

My next question to him – What are some of things you found on social media along the way that have helped you in increasing the reach?
– Staying to up to date with new trends.
– Being a part of various groups and engaging with people over there.
– One of the most important strategy Chris understood is – CROSS PROMOTION

Resharing posts of other people and tagging them helps in making connections and increase your network. Sending people a DM and asking them if they would be interested in collaborating also helps a lot.

– Don’t repeat the same hashtags. Try and use different hashtags in every post and using hashtags like “#like4like” can put you into the spam list or get you banned.
– Building a community and genuine connection is very important.

Chris also tells us how his wife has been supportive of him all throughout his journey and is truly proud of his success. She’s always believed in him and his vision.

And I think that’s the most important part of anyone’s success – to surround yourself with people who support you and love you.

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