How to Use Facebook Live to Grow Your Business In The Next 90 Days?

The most fun part of my Social Media Championship Programme is where I explain how you can use  Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories, Instagram advertising and LinkedIn marketing to grow your business in exactly 90 days. In this blog, I would love to offer a sneak peek on what the session holds for you. If you are an entrepreneur, Facebook is definitely the place to be. Let’s look at some of the ways you can use Facebook Live to grow your audience.

Life’s a reality show!

All businesses have a story and a personality. And all business should showcase that personal and human side. All marketing efforts usually take that human-ness away from your business. But if you want those loyal customers, you will have to create personal connections. And it’s not possible if all you put out on social media are mechanical, repetitive captions.

That’s the most obvious advantage of going live, hands down. Live videos on Facebook show that your business has personality traits and opinions. They turn out to be real and spontaneous. Your customers and audience will start relating to you and eventually start connecting with you. Trust me; these kinds of connections are business gold.

Sneak a peek

Launching a new product? Made a change to the website? Want to show-off a new feature? All these warrant a Facebook Live Video. Everyone wants to be the first one to find out about a new product or feature, or be the first to see something new. Use Facebook live smartly and use it as a teaser for these features or changes.

Ask for feedback, comments, and even offer promotions for new service. It will create an eager pool of customers willing to try your offering. Amazing, isn’t it?

Behind the Scenes Action

I meet a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs who are hesitant to offer a behind the scenes look of their abodes. But you have to understand, not all offices and workstations are the epitome of perfection. Don’t let that hold you back from showing your fun side.

Maybe the #MannequinChallenge is a hot trend – accept the challenge, grab a camera and shoot a quirky video with your employees in office. Be a sport!

Once your audience sees the work and effort that goes into making your product or enabling your service, they will get the big picture and would want to associate with you. Customers who understand are the best customers.

The most potential for BTS videos lies with hotels and restaurants.


No, I’m not just talking about contests and sweepstakes (that’s a good idea too); I’m talking about educating, motivating, or helping your audience. The more you give, the more comes back to you in amazing ways. For example, you can create a live video of a product tutorial – how best to use it, etc. It shows that you’re not a mad rush to sell products – you actually care for your customers.

You have to find what expertise you can build on, and how you can share that with the audience.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Customer satisfaction is the basic tenet of any business. And Facebook Live is the modern day equivalent of calls. Users these days post their queries directly on social media. You can create a weekly or fortnightly live video wherein the users can post their questions in comments and your expert can answer them live.

There’s no reason to worry, they are called frequently asked questions for a reason – you wouldn’t have a problem answering them. If not, you can simply cover them in the next video. Live videos don’t have to be perfect!

Improving the Live Videos

While live videos don’t have to be perfect, they can still be improved. You can start by writing attention grabbing and keyword rich descriptions. Since this is what the audience will first see in their newsfeed, it needs to be catchy. Make sure that it is still relevant – the user should find what he expects to see.

For once, live performances can be modified! Once the live stream is over, it will be saved to your profile. You can edit the title, description, and even the video itself.

Now time for your homework! Plan your Facebook Live videos and make sure to implement all these points. I’ve got a lot more to share in my training program, including tips for other social media channels. You can check out the course right here –

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